July-August 2019

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Sherin Johnson

Chief Editor, Kingdom Perspectives

Faith is like a seed that was planted in our heart. Hence, as it is
a seed, at the appointed time it will produce its fruits. A firm
belief in God can give a greater harvest of what is believed for.
Have you ever noticed that of those who carried greater levels
of faith, it was notable in their services? How is it possible for
some people to possess greater levels of faith, such as these?
We have seldom noticed many of our ancestors in the Bible
who lived without appreciable faith. They all grew in faith, day
by day, evidenced by a peculiar lifestyle of faith demonstrating
their belief in the existence of God and consequently received
rewards for such belief in Him. For instance, by faith Abel
offered God a more excellent offering than Cain, by which he
obtained witness that he was righteous; God testifying of his
There are several ways for us to grow in faith. Firstly, our faith
will grow as we engage in meditation of the word of God on a
daily basis. Further, simply doing what the word of God tells
for us to do, will see a great spurt in our faith. The more we
commit ourselves to doing God's will, the more we taste Him.
The Bible says, “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed
is the man who trusts in Him” (Psalm 34:8). Secondly, let us
exercise our faith by practicing the actions that the Bible tells
us to practice (James 2:22). A comprehensive faith is the result
of a faith motivated by its respective actions.
Thirdly, speak what you believe. Your boldness will increase
when you speak out your faith about the things you wanted to
see in your natural realm. Further, speaking will open wide
many doors of opportunities for you. Fourthly, be free from
doubts. Doubt limits lifestyles but faith transforms your life
into a platform of opportunities. Rid yourself of such doubts
and submit yourself to God; resist the devil and he will flee
from you (James 4:7). Lastly, share your faith with others. For
instance, when we achieve success at our workplace we often
take it as an opportunity to brag to others. Rather, have you
ever shared with others what God has done in your life. Give
thanks to God when you share the things you have received
from God; 1st Chronicles 16:8 says, “give praise to the LORD,
proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he
has done.” As Mathew Barnett said, "Faith believes that God is
going to take you places, even before you get there.




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