July-August 2019

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Sherin Johnson

Chief Editor, Kingdom Perspectives

Have you ever thought about the difference Prayer can make in your life. I was once praying with my friends and I asked one of my friends to pray however she refused and said she really
didn't know how to pray. Some lives find no meaning in prayer so they don't pray whereas some are confused about whom to pray and how to pray, indeed they don't pray.
The Holy Bible says that our God is a prayer answering God;who does wonders, miracles and mighty things when we pray(Acts 4.29,30). Prayer is the best means to communicate with God.
The supplications of a righteous man are highly esteemed and answered by God (James 5: 16). In order to have fellowship with us, God took an initiative to give us Christ as a highly priest and has made us righteous in Him.
Now we can approach the throne of grace and pray to Him at any time (Hebrew 4:16). God has chosen us in Christ to be fruitful. At present we know for sure that whatever we ask in the will of God to the father in the name of Jesus will be granted (John 15:16). We have an advocate on behalf of us to recommend our
needs (1 John2:1). We have a mediator to mediate between God and man and that is Jesus Christ (1 Timothy 2:5). Jesus said whatever you ask in my name I will do it for you (John 14.13).
Prayer is the most important weapon that God has given in our life to live it's fullest. Therefore, we must understand the fact that the more we seek God's face while interceding the more He opens His hands and reaches us in time of our needs. Our help comes from the Lord Jesus who is able to help us and willing to support us.
Far beyond any religious rituals and aspirations, prayer is all about beseeching and pouring out our soul before the living Lord with the intention to draw near to Him. Jesus prays for us that we may be protected and sanctified as long as we are in this world (John 17). Let us pray with firm faith that God will answer us in due time. From this day forward let us be watchful and fervent in prayer. May God bless you and meet all your spiritual and physical needs in His riches in glory as you pray.




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